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Life is a scratchbuilding project

Build On &

Build Boldly!

     This was the truck that I used as a prototype for my first model fire truck model. I was the all-purpose utility truck used by the Roselle Fire Department in Roselle, New Jersey.

Roselle Squad 7

Al Holbert's 1976 Chevy Monza

     Built on a dare from Pat Covert of SAE's Hot Rod and Custom Column.

     This beautiful Ford Thunderbolt was the subject of one of my building projects and has a colorful background and history. Seen here in 1995 after it was rebuilt and running on the nostalgia circuit.

Model Projects

     A beautiful car and great kit from M&S Hobbies, the Corvette GTP was a great racecar in and of itself, but it played a much bigger role in the success of Rick Hendrick's NASCAR operation. People though Rick was crazy to get involved in IMSA, but he proved to be as crazy as a fox!

The Little Georgia Shaker

     From M&S Hobbies, this outstanding resin  model builds up beautifully to represent one of Al Holbert's (of Lowenbrau Porsche fame) early rides.

IMSA Corvette GTP

Cinder Bug - A Hot Rod Fire Truck