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Roselle Squad 7

The Little Georgia Shaker

     This Pierce Quantum engine is housed nearby at Falcon Field and is the subject of a scratchbuilding project currently under development in my shop.

     What isn't there to love about these great rigs? Neat color, unusual layout specific to the needs of fighting forest fires, these trucks just beg to be built and have a special place in my heart.

Life Stuff - Lessons learned in the workshop

Mesa Engine 208

     This was the truck that I used as a prototype for my first model fire truck model. I was the all-purpose utility truck used by the Roselle Fire Department in Roselle, New Jersey.

Lower Alloways Creek - Kenworth Frauhauf Tanker

     This beautiful Ford Thunderbolt was the subject of one of my building projects and has a colorful background and history. Seen here in 1995 after it was rebuilt and running on the nostalgia circuit.

     This famous custom tanker is legendary in New Jersey for its beauty and functionality. These photos were taken in the late 1980s and the truck is still in service with some modifications.

US Forest Service Wildlands Pumper