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     So drop in from time to time to see what's new. Better yet, sign up and  get every installment and bit of news we will post. It's all here to help make your hobby more fun and interesting, plus, if we all find something in this that helps us navigate life's daily travels, all the better! So don't be a stranger and drop by often!

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     Ever since I started writing, my goal has been to provide really useful information in a clear and entertaining way. I really love taking a complex process and boiling it down into simple terms that anyone can understand, but along the way to that, I've had a wonderful time engaging with lots of great people and have found that much of what we do as model builders really does have a carry-over into our daily lives. Time and again either I have discovered some connection or a reader has let me know that something I wrote clicked in a very personal way. And stuff like that just makes me want to do much more of it!

     So that, in a few sentences,  is what this is all about. This new part of my website is intended to be a regular dialog and journal of the projects I'm involved in as well as some great experiments and techniques I've played with along the way.

     Steady Hands is all about all kinds of models that come out of my interest in Emergency Services. We'll focus on any kind of model that has anything to do with any kind of emergency work or could get pressed into emergency work. And while most of the topics here will be my own fire apparatus projects, we may drift from time to time to all kinds of other kinds of vehicles such as helos, aircraft, boats, and whatever else seems interesting. You may also see the work of some of my modeling friends and colleagues from time to time as well, especially if they have something great they do that needs to be shared.

     The Spoon Farm is a fun section all about paint - how to apply it, how to make it look good, different types of finishes, and how they compare. It's a fun and informative part of the site designed to help beginners and experts alike with all the great painting products that are out there.

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