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1965 Mack Pumper from Surf City, NJ

Sometimes projects take a while to complete - an incredibly L-O-N-G time sometimes. This one was a journey that taught me so much, it's no wonder it's one of my favorites and one I'm especially proud of.

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Picking what model you want to build is a bit different for everyone. For many modelers it's about the paint scheme, or building their favorite car, plane, tank, or ship. Maybe it's something significant. For me, it's all these things, but something more - for a project to really sink it's hooks into me it has to have a great backstory.

What do I mean by that? The item in question has to have some kind of interesting story to go along with it. Great paint schemes are cool, don't get me wrong and any good one will certainly get my attention, but it is usually some very nerdy, eye-glazing bit of trivia, or even better, some terrific background story that keeps me hooked on a project. It may be a great bit of history, some crazy 6 or 8 degrees of connection deal, or some wild, hidden, technical bit or trickery or anecdote, but it's definitely the back story that does it.

It doesn't have to be complicated. One recent project is a teaser, based on a fragment of lyrics from a Beach Boys song - the only giveaways being the color of the car, what's lying in the front seat, and the license plates. Others are more involved like the background of the Corvette GTP and the influence that car had on the Hendrick's NASCAR program. Yes, you read that right - NASCAR.

Perhaps it comes from listening to Paul Harvey's radio show "And that's the REST of the Story", the study of Bible history and all the connections in it, or digging for news stories on the motorsports beat that drives all this, but my encouragement to you is to not only look at the models, but read about them as well. There are all kinds of gems in here that will make it worthwhile.         Thanks for sharing your time with me.  Tim Bongard

Volunteer Groups and their Leaders finally have a practical and realistic handbook designed specifically for the congregations, leagues, clubs, troops, and fellowships that make up the backbone of our communities. TWEAKS is written in my usual familiar, hands-on, and folksy style that will give you an immediate handle and understanding of the complex issues and demands needed to lead your volunteer ORG to greater levels of performance regardless of the condition it may be in now. Complete overhaul, addressing serious problems, or just some fine tuning, TWEAKS will be a guide you will turn to again and again. If your organization is in trouble, struggling or just needs a tune-up, TWEAKS can give you the tools and practical knowledge needed to reset the trajectory of your organization no matter how large or small it may be. TWEAKS can have a profound effect on how you lead your group so that it can deliver on the very reasons people volunteered to join in the first place.

Believe it or not, my favorite model is not one that I built, but one my dad built for me when I was on the Ogdensburg Fire Department. It's a constant reminder to keep going and keep trying...

Air Force P-12 Pumper

This project was a one of the projects I've enjoyed building the most and it was an unexpected pleasure. Built to replicate a rig that was in service at McGuire Air Force base in New Jersey.

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The Determination to Improvise and never quit...

When life hands you Lemons, Make Lemonade. When it hands you more lemons, Make Hard Lemonade, and more of it.


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My dad, Gunther Bongard...

NJ Forest Service Brush Truck

New Jersey has been cranking out these durable signature wildfire pumpers for decades! Now using a new thermoforming technique, I was able to recreate the complex cage that is the signature visual part of these rigs. 

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I have a selection of shows and prototypes that are here to inspire building ideas and supply you with detail shots to help you with your own building projects.

It's the Backstory that hooks it

The Little Georgia Shaker 

Read up on this amazing car and the wild backstory that went into building the car. The main installment covers painting with lacquers as well.

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