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The Determination to Improvise...

When life hands you Lemons, don't mess around with lightweight solutions. Go for Hard Lemonade...


New Pages being added!

I've been playing with some new products and techniques and am in the process of adding pages to show what new projects I'm working on and some of the new things I've learned. Either already posted or coming shortly will be:

  • Casting Demo Step-by-Step photo guide and walk-thru
  • Photoetching projects and process
  • Lower Alloways Creek TASC tanker rebuild. Rehabbing a shattered model.
  • Final Building details on the NAVY MB-5 
  • Using Alclad  2 and finishing LAC's famous tanker.
  • Painting with lacquers and the Little Georgia Shaker

My Favorite Model

You might be very surprised at this, but my favorite model isn't made out of plastic. In fact, I didn't even build it!

Recent Additions

I've arranged the site so you can easily access several different areas depending on your need or what you are looking for. 

If you are looking for background information, especially photographs of some of the projects I've written about or have been messing with (or want to mess with) take a look at the Prototype Galleries.

If you want to see a particular building project, photos of finished models or projects, go to the Projects Galleries .

If you want to know how  to do something or read about some interesting ways to tackle project problems, then try taking a look at the How-To Directory

I also added a page where you can get whatever plans, templates, drawings, specs, or other building documentation I have for any of the modeling projects or prototypes seen here. Just go to Plans, Drawings, & Specs and click on any piece you like.

Finally, if you are looking for copies of old columns or articles, try taking a look at the In-Print Directory for copies or where to find what you are looking for.

This site is an ongoing work in progress - posting new material of things I'm currently working on and scans of older projects and ideas I've toyed with in the past - so feel free to visit frequently to see what is new. I'll post a summary on this page of the latest additions. You can also friend me on Facebook where I will post notices of new material

If you have any questions at all, feel free to use the Contact Us link to send me a message.

Many thanks for stopping by and checking out this site. I hope you find something here that will be useful and helpful!

Best partner in the world!  Ree & me 

I owe a great deal to my wonderful wife, especially with how she has loved and cared for me and about me in these last few years. I am truly blessed to have her in my life and I could not have gotten through our trials and the bout with cancer without her. I am very grateful to her, my wonderful family, and all the dear friends and colleagues that supported me, encouraged me, and prayed for me - it means more to me than I can ever really describe. You all have my heartfelt thanks and none more than my precious Maureen!

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"Life is an ongoing scratchbuilding project"