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Worthington ALF Century Cab Pumper

Sterling example of an American LaFrance Century Cab Eng at the Hall of Flame...

     A relatively recent addition to the Hall of Flame Museum in Phoenix, AZ is this beautifully restored example of an American LaFrance Century cab pumper. This has to be one of the best "barn finds" ever! It was lovingly restored by a devoted firefighter and enthusiast by the name of Worthington (hence the name on the truck) and was left to the museum when he passed away. The family let the museum know that the rig was available, but wasn't very clear about it's condition. Expecting to find a real project, the crew that went to investigate discovered this immaculate piece and couldn't believe the good fortune and wonderful gift the museum received. My photos really don't do it justice and hopefully at some time in the near future we will be able to do much more and be able to tell the entire tale in detail.