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Brush Trucks of the New Jersey Forest Service

           Most folks don't realize just how much of New Jersey is still covered in forests or is in a zone now referred to as the Wildland Urban Interface. This is the area where urban sprawl meets wildlands. So while the view you have may be spectacular or you've at least succeeded in "getting away from it all", you may have built that new home in an area where it's at risk from the next wildfire - and New Jersey has a large amount of territory that qualifies for this scenario. Combine that with fuel loads - the combustible debris such as leaves and dead trees, accumulated on the ground or in the area - and emergency managers and planners use this to calculate the risk of potential wildfires. Now here's the shocker: New Jersey has one of the highest potentials for a major wildfire in the country! It consistently ranks in the top 5 and is usually right up there with the western states known for having wildfires. As a result, NJ has kept developing and honing the Forest Fire Service and over the years has developed a formula for brush trucks that makes them light, small, fast and relatively inexpensive. Built in their own shops, these trucks typically run less than $50,000 each - a steal compared to traditional custom builds!


New Jersey Forest Service Brush Trucks