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          When I first saw "The Beast" , it really deserved the name. I had never seen a truck so cobbled together and still in serious use. It was... breathtaking. It had started life as a diesel powered US Army pick-up and saw some pretty heavy service. Once acquired by the council, it was (as I recollect) mostly in camo, but has solid color doors, hood, and a front fender - all different colors betraying the fact that "Frankentruck" might have been the most accurate name for it. It also now had an old Chevy 350ci gas V-8 and an electric dump body instead of the pick-up bed. To ice the cake of this rolling collection of parts, the thing had a pair of Cherry Bomb glass pack mufflers - it's what the shop had handy at the time...  

           And "Yes", I actually plowed with the thing. The balding tires made the experience very memorable...

Goose Pond Scout Reservation's Beast 

Beast, Truckzilla, The Thing, Frankentruck - A rose by any other name...