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Ferrari F2002 - Revell 1/12th scale build-up

          The Ferrari F2002 is regarded as one of the most successful Formula One car designs of all time and dominated the 2002 racing season and won 15 times in 19 races between 2002 and 2003. With Michael Schumacher winning ten of those races, it is natural to see Revell Gemany kit the car in a beautiful 1/12th scale kit. 

         Very nicely done, the fit of the kit is very good overall and has a good amount of detail in the engine compartment, cockpit, and the suspension layout. There are a few issues such as the nose wants to droop away from the rest of the body, but the fit overall is very good. The decals are also very good except that no Marlboro decals are included and you have to purchase an additional aftermarket sheet to get these. 

          The model came to me assembled and it was very nicely done with the barest amount of glue used to assemble the model. This made the build-up extremely fragile but also facilitated dis-assembly so that the model could be properly decalled. The original builder had painted all the struts instead of applying the carbon fiber decals. It looked OK, but was entirely wrong and with the carbon fiber decals in place, the model is even more impressive, so it took some doing to carefully un-​build the car, decal it, and then

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reassemble the model. The aftermarket decals are also set up for a two-element style wing, not the three-element wing in the kit, so I had to recreate a set of decals that were cut to fit the three sections in order to get the right look. Thankfully, both the kit decals and aftermarket decals were very good quality and with a little Solveset, they snuggled down onto the model beautifully.